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"Little Chicago"

A movie about the amazing and true story of Steubenville Ohio, a town built on prostitution, gambling and corruption, and featuring the wild tales of its two favorite sons, Dean Martin and Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder. Also, features Jerry Lewis, the very eccentric Baron Von Steuben, General George Washington along with a host of bootleggers, thugs, US Treasury agents, brothel owners, bookies, priests, and mob bosses.



And just so you know, this ain't no fuckin' documentary.


2023 Screenplay
Award Winner

"I was hooked from the first couple of pages and truly could not stop reading until I finished it. Your writing style is perfect - it brought everything to life so vividly - and I agree, the events within evoked many emotions. The story of the dry agent and his girlfriend was an especially tense and emotional read. I hope we'll see it on the big screen one day!"


  Genealogy Librarian       Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County

Screenplay is Copyrighted (PAu-4 144-796) and registered with WGAE.

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